Service Outage -04/08/2024

Service Outage -04/08/2024 Dear Customers, This morning at about 3am, the data center in which our equipment is stored experienced a power outage. The data center was able to restore temporary power through their generators moments ago. The data center is running on temporary power, and we have no ETA on when full electricity will be ... Повеќе »

8th Apr 2024
E-Mail Service Update - 04.03.2024

  April 3, 2024   Dear Customers,   As announced earlier in the month, we have been working on the migration of our email servers.  These new servers will be able to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements by email providers like Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo. The new servers are significantly better at catching SPAM and Phishing ... Повеќе »

3rd Apr 2024
E-Mail Service Update

  March 12, 2024   Dear Email Customers, Over the last several months, we have been working on migrating customers off MagicMail and onto a newer, more secure solution. Your data will continue to be stored on our servers.   If you retrieve your email through Outlook, Thunderbird, or another email client, then you will not see any ... Повеќе »

12th Mar 2024
SPAM Email

Dear customers,   In the last couple of days there was an email message sent to a significant portion of our email customers.  One attempt managed to “Spoof” an email address belonging to a customer, another email used a totally different company’s email address to send messages. These are both SPAM/Phishing emails and should be deleted ... Повеќе »

6th Mar 2024